Kings Hill Scottish Gin (70CL, 44.0%)


King's Hill Gin is a small batch Scottish gin combining traditional gin botanicals including juniper, orris root and coriander with botanicals handpicked from the Pentland Hills including gorse, heather and elderflower. The result is a clean, smooth, slightly sweet, full-bodied gin. The name comes from a bet between King Robert the Bruce and Sir William 'The Crusader' Sinclair of Roslin. The wager - to catch the elusive white Pentland Stag - was won by Sinclair who named the hill side in the King's honour. Created with botanicals grown high in the hill that he won from the king, King's Hill Gin is a salute to the Crusader. Made in batches of around 200 bottles in Marion, a traditional Iberian copper pot still, and presented in a beautiful blue bottle with a diamond effect which is a nod to the royal inspiration behind the gin.