Gin – Flavour Selection Tasting Set (15cl, 43.7%)


s it turns out, the traditional, generally junipery flavours you find in many gins somehow manage to work incredibly well with all sorts of different flavours, including some rather untraditional ones. "What kind of stuff are you talking about?", we hear you ask. Well, rather that tell you, how about we show you, with this terrific Tasting Set filled with five different 30ml drams of gin, exploring a host of exciting flavour profiles! Expand that palate of yours, or surprise a gin enthusiast friend with some tip-top expressions!

Please note: On the odd occasion, we do need to make changes to Tasting Sets, so contents of the set are subject to change. However, rest assured that whichever dram set you order will include 5 superb drams which will be of equivalent value to what is listed.


Gin – Flavour Selection Tasting Set

Cherry Gin (That Boutique-y Gin Company)

- Tanqueray Rangpur

- Jaffa Cake Gin

- Cucamelon Gin (That Boutique-y Gin Company)

- Copper Republic Rooibos & Grapefruit Gin