Borders Distillery Workshop Series WS:01 Malt & Rye Blend


WS:01 Borders Malt & Rye is the first Scotch Whisky Blend to leave the Scottish Borders in 185 years. Each bottle is individually numbered, with under 8,000 made for sale.

The Workshop Series provides a glimpse into the world of TBD; our creativity, determination, and community spirit. Until the launch of our own Single Malt, we will release an annual chapter of the Workshop Series – telling a new story and showcasing a new side to Southern hospitality.

Colour: Soft gold

Nose: The rye dominates with warm spice and toasted wood. Reduced, the fruits emerge

Palate: Warming with velvet-like creaminess. Warm from the over-banked fruit tart in buttery shortcrust pastry. Butterscotch sauce over golden syrup sponge

Finish: Warm, and custard-like softness