Ableforth's - Persian Lime & Orange Blossom (70cl, 43.3%)


A zealously zesty, vibrantly floral offering from Bathtub Gin. This edition sees the delicious cold-compounded spirit infused with the elegant flavours of Persian lime and orange blossom. This dry and unsweetened expression is awesomely aromatic, with an abundance of zesty lime peel and citrus oil bolstering the bold juniper and gentle spices at its core. Works a treat in a G&T, and shines mixed with bitter lemon.

Nose: Massively fragrant with piles of piney, resinous juniper berries doused in floral citrus oils. A smidge of green Fruit Pastille and dried lime peels come through in time. Palate: All the character of the classic Bathtub, bolstered by heady citrus blossom and zingy peels. Notes reminiscent of a zesty, floral Earl Grey tea, delicately herbaceous, with lime boiled sweeties in tow. Finish: Elegant spices finish things off with cardamom and clove, perfumed notes of baklava, lingering essential oils, and fragrant, dried pithy peels. Overall: All the botanical brilliance of the classic Bathtub Gin, bolstered by layer upon layer of zesty citrus.